Back from the Dead (ebook)

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Dave Forrest's 'Back from the Dead' lecture notes mark his first published material in almost six years. 


1. Spider-Hand - Spectator As Mind Reader. This stand-up mentalism opener has one spectator correctly read a second spectator's mind, correctly identifying which comic book character they are thinking of.

2. Full Deck Fuji - An incredible, self-working, full deck Triumph routine based around a stunning packet effect by Kuniyasu Fujiwara.

3. The Pedicured Celt - I close the lecture with this. A crossword clue in a free choice of newspaper is predicted by post, weeks in advance. I promise, if you saw this live, you would have NO CLUE how it was done! 

4. Memo Demo - A Gary Jones effect...that I put a finale on. You memorise a whole deck in seconds...basically. But it looks and feels really REAL! (Originally appeared on Automata 4)

5. Light Warp - My 'no wallet' treatment of a David Solomon trick wherein a freely named card just happens to be one you have had on display since the beginning of the trick.

6. Matchbox - You draw a matchbox on the face of the deck. Then the drawer magically slides open and there's a card inside! You turn that card over and dump a REAL CARD out of the drawing; it falls right into the spectators hand. It is, of course, their signed card - AND - the matchbox in the drawing is now empty and that card can be handed out too.