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TRIPLEX - A devastating three part mentalsim routine that will leave your audience absolutely stunned and utterly baffled!

A work in progress for several years and a recent addition to, and main talking point of, Dave's new lecture. This routine has never been published ANYWHERE before and because, after Dave's lectures, magicians would always come looking to purchase a source for this routine that covered all the details in full, this booklet was produced.

You announce to your audience that you are going to demonstrate three different types of psychic ability - Psychoscopy, Clairvoyance and Direct Mind Reading. With just a few blank cards and a pen, you proceed to do just that - each phase increasing in impossibilty and ultimately building to an incredible finale that is guaranteed to evoke spontaeneous applause, every time.

This is a carefully structured, professional routine. It is not in any way 'difficult' to perform - all of the ploys at work are solid, time tested methods of mentalism (with the occasional twist!) culminating in a mentalism routine that fools both lay people and magicians alike. I absolutely GUARANTEE you'll be delighted with both the method and the structure.

The effect itself packs small and yet can play for close-up audiences, all the way up to stage performances. Is easy to do and uses no extraeneous props so, nothing 'special' required - just pens and business cards.