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Gary and Dave are back with a special 'all cards' instalment in the smash hit, self-working series! This is Automata : On The Cards!

In this latest edition you'll find no less than ELEVEN powerhouse, self-working card tricks! But - as usual - the high-impact, pro-level quality of material you've come to expect from the 'Automata' series has been dutifully maintained! Just because these original card effects are EASY TO DO, doesn't mean they won't blow your audiences minds!

Here's what's in store:

1. Balducci, Balducci, Balducci! - From a shuffled deck you accurately predict THREE cards that your spectator cuts to! A pet effect of Gary's for YEARS! This is going straight into your repertoire!

2. Baker Street - This is a total FOOLER! Impossibly divine two completely free selections. First by 'reading tells', secondly by direct mind reading!

3. Do Or Die - A completely random card is arrived at using two dice...except there's nothing random about it at all! Features an incredible, little-known dice principle!

4. Home Spun - Repeat card to pocket - with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND!?!?

5. Granny’s Myth - This clever gimmicked deck will allow you to predict a card and a number with ease under extremely fair conditions!

6. Grater - An incredible 'gag turned miracle'! A card the is THINKING OF appears folded up inside a mini cheese grater...this one is really GRATE!

7. Cut To The Chase - A super-fair, straight up prediction where the spectator does EVERYTHING! This looks so fair you won't believe it!

8. Numiracle - Get ready to be FLOORED! The spectator THINKS of ANY CARD. Impossibly, it's the only one with THE MAGICIANS PHONE NUMBER ON THE BACK!

9. Digital Card Finder - A fun prop and a cool self-working principle! The 'digital card finder' will tell you the position of ANY card from ANYWHERE in the deck!

10. Instead Of Prophecy - A go-to effect for Gary. This mate-matching effect ends with an impossible prediction of a card the spectator FREELY CUT TO!

11. Memo Demo - Memorise an entire deck of cards in seconds. You won't believe this effect is actually self-working! It's a HEAVYWEIGHT FOOLER!