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The smash hit, self working series from Full 52 continues with this, the latest installment - ‘Automata 3’!

On this DVD you‘ll find ELEVEN more completely self working magic effects using a variety of everyday objects and, just like last time - there’s NOT A SINGLE CARD TRICK IN SIGHT!

Gary Jones and Dave Forrest will first demonstrate the potential power of self working magic with live studio performances then walk you step-by-step through the methods behind the miracles, offering professional tips and advice along the way. But, don’t be mistaken. This is no ordinary, self working magic...

In 'ESP-ionage’ Gary discerns which ESP symbol is hidden in an envelope TWICE under test conditions!

In ‘A CAN’ Dave produces a real tin of beans - an item freely chosen by the spectator - from a flat envelope!

In ‘RPS EXTREME‘ Gary correctly predicts the outcome of a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors - not only who beats who but also PRECISELY which of the three options are in play!

Dave reaches into his spectator’s mind and correctly divines random words chosen by the spectator from a borrowed book in ‘ANY TOME, ANYWHERE’!

And, in ‘FRUIT LOOP’, Gary predicts which two fruits have been freely chosen in a hilarious fashion before nailing them with one final prediction that defies explanation!

All this plus SIX MORE spectacular effects including a self working ‘Visa Cabaret’ style routine (POCKETS PREDICTED), a self working ‘Positive Negative’ style routine (POSITIVE CHANGE), an amazing variation of a brilliant Wayne Dobson effect (DOBSON’S DIDDLE) - the list goes on!

'Automata 3' - More killer close-up magic and mentalism with ordinary, everyday objects that ANYONE can do! "Automata 3 is full of amazing, magical and workable routines that you can fit into your working set easily. A Can is the one I want to do myself." Wayne Goodman

"ESP-ONAGE fooled the absolute s**t out of me, I know its a cliche but that is worth the price of the dvd. - Chris Congreave

"Gary Jones & Dave Forrest have come up with the goods once again! The Automata DVDs get better with each release and Volume 3 is the best yet! Full of easy, killer tricks. Very highly recommended." - Mark Elsdon

"Forrest and Jones strike again! As we've come to expect from this series Automata 3 is packed with solid, workable, entertaining material. I can't believe this stuff is self working!" - Roddy McGhie

"Not only are the effects engaging but I have to admit, some of them fooled the s**t out of me." - Cameron Francis