Yin Yang Poker Chips

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(This product was formerly known as 'The Sun and Moon Poker Chips'.)

Specially designed and manufactured, the 'The Yin Yang Poker Chips' are meant to replace ANY routine you may already do with the traditional Copper/Silver coin.

These are real ceramic, casino grade poker chips - NOT cheap plastic imitations! You will feel the quality instantly.

The Yin Yang set includes:
1 x RED '50' chip.
1 x GREEN '1000' chip.
1 x GAFF chip - RED '50' one side, GREEN '1000' on the other.
1 x Link to instructional video teaching four routines from 'The Ammo' DVD.

Give your old Copper/Silver coin a rest! Give the 'Yin Yang Poker Chips' a try. You won't be dissapointed!