Trick Soup vol.2

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Trick Soup vol.2 with Gary Jones and Chris Congreave.

Part 2 in the two volume set featuring eight more practical, professional-grade close-up routines for workers in the real world.

If you've ever wondered what type of material fills the repertoires of busy, full-time working professionals - look no further! This project was specifically designed to cut through the pipe-dreams and 'magic for magicians' and get straight to the effects that kill in the real world. This is the material that has allowed these two pro's to make their living in the game for more years than either of them might care to mention! Marvel at the misdirection, be tricked by the technique and stunned by the sleight of hand!

This two volume set may well be all you'll ever need to make a living in the real world of professional close-up magic!

Volume 2 contents:
Not Chosen - You'll be making up this 'one-trick-deck' of Gary's for sure!
Joke Box - Chris's 'under the box' transpo - in THEIR hands!
No Sleep - Gary's lightning fast 'four-for-one' transpo is a SHOW STOPPER!
Most Likely - Chris presents a KILLER card-to-pocket transpo!
Twenty One Again - Gary's 'thought-of-card-to-pocket'... with a surprise ending!
Sign Post - Chris's impromptu 'Anniversary Waltz' is as smart as they come!
Blackjack Surprise - Chris's commercial Blackjack routine with a 'card-to-wallet' finale!
Solidified - Gary's 'solid deck' routine will leave you IN AWE! It's almost TOO MUCH MAGIC!