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Note: The colour of the supplied lighter is Polished Chrome (silver).

"I don't go to a single gig without it!" - Roddy McGhie

"Probably the best and most organic card or bill to impossible location IN THE WORLD!" - Gary Jones

Click here to watch Matt Wainwright DESTROY with this during a paid engagement in the real world.

At any time during your set you can cause a signed playing card, bill, business card or billet to appear inside the inner fuel chamber of this specially gimmicked petrol lighter. (And it doesn't work like a bill tube. It's much more devious than that!)

The Light is a close-up magicians dream! The prop itself is completely above suspicion - it is the epitmoe of an 'everyday item'. It is small and convenient to use and it instantly re-sets. And, you are not limited to using just cards. The Light works equally well with money or business cards meaning the breadth of what's possible with this professional prop is limited only by your imagination.

Lay audiences go wild for The Light. It just seems so impossible that you could have caused their signed card/bill to end up inside the lighter! They may even have been holding onto the lighter the entire time - yet their signed object still appears inside! This is a FOOLER!

You will love how it functions, providing an absolutely killer illusion that leaves the prop far from the minds of the audience when they go searching for an answer to how you could possibly have acheived the teleportation of their card or bill into the hermetically sealed inner chamber of the lighter which has been in full view throughout.

The Light also includes a full length instructional video download featuring no less than SEVEN complete routines. There is something for everyone, from beginner to amateur and no stone is left unturned when it comes to the in's and out's of the specially machined prop itself. Everything you need to know is fully explained in minute detail so you can confidently go out and start frying peoples minds with your new weapon of mass destruction.

The companion video also includes 'in the trenches' performances where you'll see Chris absolutely destroy random strangers time and again with The Light. These real life performances are testament to the power of the magic that is possible and will leave you in no doubt that The Light is a solid gold worker that you won't want to leave home without.

Polished chrome (silver)