The Celtic Cabal

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A new collection of Magic & Mentalism from Ireland, Scotland & Wales

35 contributors, 45 routines including two essays over 170 pages fully illustrated with photographs & graphics.
1st edition 2010; 181 pages.

Table of Contents:

Q.R.: Confabulating Confabulation
Max Gordon: The Creative Side
Max Gordon: The Last Straw
David Lees: Mentalism (essay)
David Lees: Tarot Magick
Jim Cuthbert: Where will we Go on Holiday?
Paul Lesso: The Jungle Book Test
Paul Lesso: Quadtratus Magic Square
Pete Lamont: Shape Up and Shape Down
Peter Duffie: Brainwoven
Peter Duffie: Triple Humdinger
Peter Arcane: The Birthday Book

Card Magic
Roy Walton: Magic Spell finds Great Hands
Dave Forrest: Press gang
Dave Forrest: Christ Almighty!
Eddie McColl: Bold Two Cards to Pocket Transpo
Euan Bingham: Less is More
Gary Middleton: Lying Leech
Gary Middleton: Mother's Pride
Scotty Johnston: Thanks to Braue
George McBride: Not for the Faint Hearted
Harry Guinness: T^3
Jackie McClements: C.S.I.
James Went: Selected Daley
Patrick McCullagh: Estimation
Peter McLanachan: The Traveller Vanishes
Peter McLanachan: Selected Vanish
Alan Rorrison: Thrice
Steve Thompson: It's Out of My Hands: Out of This World
David Walsh: World Snap Champion
David Walsh: Erdnase Concurrent Three Card Cull/stock...
Pat Fallon: Out of Sight Location
R. Paul Wilson: Royal Road Trip

Close Up Magic
James Piper: Vanishing Matrix
Dominic Lavin: How Did Harry Houdini Walk Through a Wall?
Geraint Clarke: Creativity (essay)
Graint Clarke: Mis-Fortune
Trevor Lewis: Flight of Hand
Steve Hamilton: Spot On

Stage Magic
Pat Fallon: That's Entertainment
Nevin Cody: Sláinte
Val Le-Val: Bamboozled
Viv Davies: Tube Production
Viv Davies: It Works for Me

Bonus Manuscript
Tom Sellers: Royal Flush Manuscript