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Gary Jones, one of the busiest working pros in the UK is back with no less than ten stunning tricks with poker chips! But, these are no ordinary poker chips! This is a very special set of TEN casino quality, custom made, ceramic poker chips and...THREE of them are secretly GAFFED!

Do not mistake this for a 'trick'. This is not your typical flavour of the month, flash in the pan, one trick pony. This is a superior set of professional magicians props, painstakingly designed to perfection (after many failed prototypes!) to ensure maximum visibility against most backgrounds and lighting conditions.

Specially manufactured from casino grade ceramic with attention to weight, handling and durability. The modern design is reminiscent of 'Poker Tournament' style chips so, they don't look like tacky magic props. These are professionally manufactured, A-grade casino chips. They look and feel just like the real deal because...they ARE!

With this unique set of chips and the full and thorough teaching of the ten routines included on the professionally shot instructional DVD, you'll be seeing amazing reactions from your audiences in no time.

The routines run the full gamut in terms of difficulty too. From easy, self working tricks to more intermediate effects right the way through to more advanced, professional handlings, there is something here to suit all skill levels.

And, you'll no doubt soon discover and create your own effects and routines because, remember, these chips are a TOOL for magic and the depth of what's possible doesn't stop with the enclosed routines. You'll instantly realise that many existing, classic coin routines can easily be performed with ‘The Ammo’ chip set!

10 Custom made, casino grade poker chips - THREE of them are gaffed!
Black velvet carry bag.
DVD featuring TEN routines.

Deep Fly - STUNNING '3 Fly' routine.
Ceramic Sheep - Metal Sheep with poker chips.
The Gambler - Amazing Gambling card and chip effect.
Elimination 1 - Amazing prediction.
Elimination 2 - A second handling.
Right Handed Poker Chip - It's never where it should be.
Chipper Silver - A worker's DREAM!
Big Money - Multiple changes with a BIG finish!
Chips Across - They fly from hand to hand.
Lucky 1000 - Stunning transposition.