Sudden Impact

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The Sudden Impact gimmick allows for a hands-off colour change of one playing card into another while that card is isolated inside the card case. It seems impossible. It looks INCREDIBLE!

Simply slip the enclosed gimmicks into ANY card case and you’ll be able to visually transform one card into another right before your audiences eyes!

And, the online instructional video (1hr 30mins) teaches SEVEN different effects utilising the Sudden Impact gimmick.

Sudden Impact - A random card visually transforms into a signed selection!
Passin’ Thru - A selection visually passes through another card!
Colour Correct - The back of a card changes from red to blue!
All Business - A selected card suddenly changes into your business card!
Really Wild - A cased Joker visually changes to complete a Royal Flush!
Sudden Thought - A cased card visually changes into a thought of card!
BONUS: Sudden Waltz - Two signed cards are visually fused together inside the card case!