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Full 52 presents Dave Forrest's 'Snatch'.

Impossibly produce a card the spectator is thinking of from a cased deck, bound with a rubber band!

Your spectator shuffles the deck and hands it back to you. You make no moves. They think of a card from inside the deck. You make no moves. They are then immediately handed the deck to shuffle again. You make no moves. The deck is fairly cased and then bound with a rubber band. Within THREE SECONDS you produce one card from inside the deck yet the deck itself is still cased and bound. The spectator removes the band. The spectator removes the deck and is asked to locate the card they were thinking of. It's not there. The card on the table is turned over and, sure enough, it is indeed their card, impossibly snatched from inside the locked and bound case!

Snatch uses a combination of time tested principles and a very cool gaff card that is rarely seen these days! It is VERY easy to do, self working in fact, but the reactions it gets are HUGE! A genuine mystery! Super clean and dripping with impossibility!

The 25 minute download also includes an additional BONUS 'no gaff' handling that is also SUPER clean and just as impossible.

'Snatch' is available now on instant download from