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INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Run time: 1hr 50mins.

Full 52 presents Rodd Hogg's smash hit lecture - 'Stealing a Living'.

Rodd Hogg's exceptional pick-pocketing skills and close-up magic have made him the most in-demand magician in his native Northern Ireland where he starred in his own TV show, 'Rodd Hogg - The Irish Magician'.

In the first half of his lecture Rodd will teach 4 steals, that you can and will do. The phone, the bankcard, the wallet, and the watch.

All steals are broken down and simplified, and work in pretty much every working environment, from tables, to walk-around, to stage and Rodd teaches you how to approach the steals with the correct mindset, instilling you with the confidence you need to give it a go.

In the second half you'll learn the close-up routines that Rodd uses to segue into his pick-pocketing skills. These are real reputation makers that have been carefully designed to seamlessly interlock with the actual pick-pocketing. You may be familiar with some of these routines but, when you've seen Rodd's work on them, you'll look at them in a whole new light! These are routines you will want to use.

Along with the steals and the routines you will learn the most important thing about being a pickpocket - the soft skills. With Rodd's laid back approach and subtle misdirection, you'll be stealing wallets and watches in no time.

And, as an added bonus, Rodd will teach his 'PK Touches' routine that he uses everywhere, including Las Vegas shows and on national television.
After seeing this lecture, you will be the pickpocket!

"Rodd Hogg makes his living as a pickpocket. After you hear his story about the first time he stole a watch, and the sheer joy and exhilaration he felt, you’ll want to know how you can pickpocket too. You’ll need two things; the right attitude and lots of practice. In his brand new lecture, Rodd generously shares all his know-how on both and if you ever find yourself in possession of stolen keys, sitting uninsured in the driving seat of an expensive car you don’t own, with the engine running and wondering what to do next… you’ll be very glad you saw Rodd’s lecture." - James Freedman ‘The Man of Steal’.


Part 1 – Chapters

Intro - 00m:00s
Relaxation, Misdirection, Personal Space – 02m:10s
Poker Chip routine – 06m:00s
Poker Chip routine - Explained – 10m:43s
Poker Chip on Hand – 13m:08s
Jacket Pocket Steal – 14m:20s
Inside Pocket Steal – 17m:20s
Watch Steal – 18m:44s
Getting Caught – 28m:32s
Close-up vs. Stand-up – 33m:43s
Personality types – 34m:45s
Damaging watches – 35m:29s
Introducing yourself – 36m:15s
Don't be scared – 38m:21s
Accused of stealing – 39m:55s
Forgotten returns – 41m:07s
Magical reveals – 43m:05s
Pick-pocketing final thoughts – 47m:12s
Part 2 – Chapters – 48m:35s

Part 2 – Chapters

Intro – 48m:48s
Ring Routine – 49m:45s
Ring Routine – Explained – 51m:12s
Credit Card Steal – 55m:01s
Credit Card Steal – Explained – 57m:00s
Credit Card Opener – 1h:00m:08s
Different Wallets – 01h:02m:17s
Card to Spectator's Pocket – 01h:03m:15s
Card to Spectator's Pocket – Explained – 01h:06m:00s
The Biddle Trick (for pick-pockets) – 01h:11m:41s
The Biddle Trick (for pick-pockets) – Explained – 01h:14m:49s
How to load – 01h:19m:06s
Extreme Burn (for pick-pockets) – 01h:21m:25s
Extreme Burn (for pick-pockets) – Explained – 01h:23m:12s
Security Tag Gag – 01h:27m:50s
180° Car Spin – Story – 01h:30m:53s
BONUS – PK Touches – 01h:39m:11s