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Full 52 presents 'Lectures On The Loch'.

Join us on the 23rd of June, 2024 on the banks of the River Leven by picturesque Loch Lomond for a star lecture from Ireland's Rodd Hogg.

Rodd Hogg is a full time professional magician and pickpocket.

In his lecture Rodd will teach 4 steals, that you can and will do. The phone, the bankcard, the wallet, and the watch.

All steals are broken down and simplified, and work in pretty much every working environment, from tables, to walk-around, to stage.

Rodd will also teach original pickpocket routines. Real reputation makers, that will amplify the magic you already do. These are routines you will want to use.

Along with the steals you will learn the most important thing about being a pickpocket, the soft skills. These ensure a 100% success rate.

After seeing this lecture, you will be the pickpocket!

"Rodd Hogg makes his living as a pickpocket. After you hear his story about the first time he stole a watch, and the sheer joy and exhilaration he felt, you’ll want to know how you can pickpocket too. You’ll need two things; the right attitude and lots of practice. In his brand new lecture, Rodd generously shares all his know-how on both and if you ever find yourself in possession of stolen keys, sitting uninsured in the driving seat of an expensive car you don’t own, with the engine running and wondering what to do next… you’ll be very glad you saw Rodd’s lecture." - James Freedman ‘The Man of Steal’.

Date: 23rd June 2024
Location: Vale of Leven and District Angling Club, Fisherwood Rd, Balloch, G83 8SN.
Time: 1.00pm

Tickets MUST be purchased ahead of time.