Read Me (Parts 1 and 2)

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'Read Me' Part 1

Three 'spectator as mind reader' effects.

This is Dave's work on that most fascinating of mentalism plots wherein the spectator is somehow able to read the magician's mind!

Three exceptionally strong effects - each utilising different and interesting methods and ALL with a borrowed shuffled deck!

Amalgam - You will find their thought of card but only if they can first read your mind and tell you what card you are thinking of.

Full Proof - They guess the colour, suit and value of a card you are thinking of and you offer them proof they are correct, every step of the way.

A Great Deal Psychic - Although they may not always be able to guess where your thought of card is, they can somehow tell you what it is.

“What a terrific book! Ingenious solutions to an under-explored plot. Very clever stuff.” - John Bannon

"Read Me is the sweetest little book I've read this year. Three clever, fooling 'Spectator As Mindreader' effects! If you don't want to perform AT LEAST one of these tricks, then you don't love card magic as much as you think you do." - Mark Esldon

"Absolutely brilliant thinking! Prepare to drop some jaws!" - Roddy McGhie

"Three absolute show stoppers with a borrowed, shuffled deck. This isn't just material you will want - it's material that you can't afford to be without!" - Liam Montier

'Read Me' Part 2

Three more 'spectator as mind reader effects.

"Dave is fast becoming THE go-to guy for 'spectator as mind-reader' effects. 'Read Me 2' contains three more devious tricks that will fool the pants off anybody!" - Mark Elsdon

Double Sync - The first participant finds the second participants thought of card...while the first one successfully reads your mind.

Crossed Wires - The wool is firmly pulled over both your participants eyes when one of them inexplicably reads your mind by accident!

Skelly Bones - A stunning dual mind reading experiment. You and the participant both think of cards and remove them from the pack. You both name each others card correctly.