Prosession - Episode 1

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PLEASE NOTE: The effect 'More than a Feeling' featured on 'Prosession' (video below) DOES NOT use marked cards. None of the material included uses anything other than an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. 

Join Dave Forrest and James Went in 'Prosession'.

In this exciting new project you'll discover five, freshly created card tricks - all with an ordinary deck - developed during an actual session. With the broad theme of 'red and black' providing a general guideline, these five powerhouse card effects were dragged, kicking and screaming into creation and now it's their time to be released into the wild.

Location, Location, Location
Three separate card locations that WILL fool you. Despite ultra-fair handling, spectator shuffling and not even a sniff of a card control, you will learn three different locations, each more baffling than the last. And, they are strung together into a routine that, when complete, leaves the deck in a condition that just doesn't seem possible! For those who like to fool their magic buddies as well as dumbfounding the laymen? Look no further!

A mini 'Out Of This World' that starts from a spectator shuffled deck and ends with a selected card kicker. This is strong, 100% impromptu card magic with any deck that is easy to do, extremely fair and slays them with a final kick to the head.

More than a Feeling
Worth the price of entry on its own, this 'colour sense' effect will FOOL YOU BADLY! After your spectator shuffles the deck, you begin to sense the colours of the cards, identifying which are red and which are black without looking at the faces. For a finale, you correctly identify the colour, the suit and the value of a card at a position in the deck named by your spectator. Super fair and ridiculously clever. This is an absolute brain-melter!

The Duct Tape Prophecy
You and your spectator take turns of choosing or discarding cards. Despite the complete freedom of choice, you both end up with cards of all the same colour. This just seems impossible. But it's just a precursor to revealing that your spectator has somehow cut directly to a card - before the trick even started - that they are merely thinking of. This one just defies explanation.

The Upside Down
Take your standard Triumph routine. Add a dash of awesome and a healthy pinch of WTF! Your spectator freely selects a card after shuffling. The deck is turned half face up, half face down, and shuffled together. In an instant, the whole deck is face down except the selection, face up in middle. But that's not all. You go on to reveal that you've also somehow sorted the whole deck perfectly into reds in one half, blacks in the other.

Join Dave and James at the table for a session as they discuss the in's and out's and the why's and how's of five brand new killer card creations. Come on! Pull up a chair...