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This is the all new updated version of the best-selling 'Encased'. The easiest, most versatile and most practical ‘signed card to card case’ system ever devised.

It’s hard to overstate the ease with which the ‘Encased’ system allows you to cause a spectator’s signed card to suddenly appear inside the card case.

The included gimmicks can be installed in ANY card case in a matter of minutes, transforming it into a discreet weapon of mass destruction. The card case still looks completely normal and can still be used to carry the deck.

The included routines highlight the scope of this clever system and run the gamut of commercial close-up magic. Find out why ‘Encased’ has been a best seller for 15 years and why it’s remains a go-to system for pro’s worldwide.

NAMED CARD IN CASE - This effect, new to this updated release, does exactly what it says on the tin!

JUST ENCASED - A freely selected signed card instantly appears between two Jokers inside the card case - simple and stunning.

PICNIC CASE - The spectator cuts to the three mates of their signed card. The selection itself is found in the card case flanked by the two Jokers.

ENCASED OF EMERGENCY - Three random cards change to the mates of a selection which is then discovered in the card case between the Jokers!

THE ENCASED CARD - A super-charged version of Bro. John Hamman's 'The Signed Card' using the 'Encased' system.

MENTAL CASE - Accurately predict a spectator’s answers to random questions during the course of a simple game of chance - this is a STUNNER!