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A custom made set of dice cups for performing the 'cups n' balls' effect. PLUS - One cup in the set is a chop-cup'!

The Cubism Maestro set completely revolutionises the traditional 'cups and balls' props, putting a more modern spin on the classic effect while maintaining a real air of class and sophistication. 

Let's look at some specifics...

The 'auto-flip' dice...

By far the most special aspect of the 'Cubism : Maestro' set and the thing that most magicians have been super-impressed with - the very special 'auto-flip' dice.

The special dice supplied have been meticulously manufactured - each one perfectly and invisibly adapted from a regular, high quality die. And, unlike the usual 'chop' combo where the cup hides a magnet and the ball has a steel core, the 'Cubism : Maestro' system incorporates a magnet in BOTH parts of the prop. 

So, what's the advantage? Well, not only are the dice perfectly weighted to 'adhere' and 'dislodge' exactly when you need them to without any overt 'slamming' of the cup but the dice has been modified in such a way as to always display a certain number on top. 

So, you can drop the dice in the cup, shake the dice around in the cup - just like you can with a regular dice and dice cup - and when you stop shaking it you can be GUARANTEED of which number is on top. IT ACTS JUST LIKE A LOADED DICE - BUT MORE SURE-FIRE.

AND - with the new 'Cubism : Maestro' set you receive TWO magnetic dice and each of them 'auto-flips' to a different number!

The 'auto-flip' feature is unique to the 'Cubism' props and has multiple uses and applications! You'll amuse yourself endlessly with this cool feature.

The Dice Cups... 

The first thing to notice about the cups, and a very deliberate design choice, is that they look so...ordinary!

If we go back and consider the original 'chop-cup' prop - the standard metal cup that every magician owns - there are two fatal flaws.

The first is that the cup LOOKS like a magic prop! There's no other earthly purpose for a cup like that and the only time you ever see one is in the hands of a magician. Therefore the prop itself is screaming at your audience "Hey, I'm not a normal cup!" and so, when abnormal things start happening with that little red ball your audience will make the very reasonable assumption that the cup has something to do with it. And they're not wrong! 

Secondly - and this is a BIGGIE - chop-cups are normally made of METAL! Given that the entirety of the mechanical aspect of the method is 'magnetic attraction' is it really such a good idea to have a weird looking metal cup be the vessel by which you will cause things to appear/disappear? I think not.

The dice cup deftly side steps BOTH of these concerns and the more plain and ordinary it looks the better. The dice cups supplied are just the right blend of aesthetically pleasing and completely nondescript. Imagine a simple dice cup. You probably just imagined a 'Maestro' cup. They are above suspicion but still look like nice professional props.

Each cup is made from a robust plastic resin which is then covered externally in a leatherette material in either black or brown with stitch detailing. The inside is finished with a flock material in either red or green respectively. The cups stack together well, are lightweight and extremely durable - they should last you a lifetime.

The 'chop-cup'...

The supplied chop-cup is indistinguishable (to the untrained eye) from the regular cups. 

The magnet in the base of the cup has not simply been glued in place under the internal material but has been carefully mounted inside a levelling 'spacer'. making it perfectly hidden and completely invisible. And, as mentioned before, it has been specially made to perfectly complement the chop dice for perfect handling every time.

The load dice...

The dice are all manufactured by a leading games manufacturer in the UK and are of extremely high quality. The larger loads are perfect replicas of the smaller dice so there is no discrepancy between shape or colour. Further, all the dice are made from the same material so the large final load dice (36mm) have good weight to them - it's literally like you took one of the small dice and enlarged it.

Having the dice all made by the same company to the same high standard really makes any colour changes or size transformations look perfect. It adds a touch of class to the set and when you see and handle the dice yourself, I'm sure you'll agree.

The presentation box...

The box that neatly contains the entire 'Maestro' set is one classy looking container! Made from matching materials to the cups on both the exterior and the interior. The brown/green combo is embossed with 'Cubism : Maestro' in black on the front. The black/red set has the logo embossed in silver. It truly is a thing of beauty!

The tuition video's...

You will receive access to several instructional video's teaching the original 'one cup' chop-cup routine that started it all. Take a look at the performances below to see what's in store...