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Finding memorable ways to make potential future clients keep your business card is an old problem. Gary is one of the UK's busiest full-time pro's so, it's fair to say he probably knows a thing or two about how to make it happen.

Presented here, after years of using it exclusively, Gary's reveals his number one method - 'BLACK MARKET'! Signed cards, a torn corner and FIRE combine to create an impossible souvenir (that also just so happens to be your business card!) and a moment your spectator will relate for years come!

EFFECT: Your spectator examines and signs one of your business cards - it's noticed that there is a little square of black paper stapled to the card. This is signed by them and left in their possession. Now, they choose a card which is also signed. You take that signed card and tear a corner off of it. That corner vanishes in the cleanest possible way, without ANY sleight of hand. You now turn your attention back to the signed business card they've been holding the whole time. You touch a flame to the little piece of black paper - it burns away in a flash and the missing torn corner spectacularly materialises in it's place, stapled to the business card! Of course, everything matches up and both the playing card and (more importantly) the business card can (and WILL!) be kept by your spectator.

Also featured is a 'self-contained' bonus effect where a torn corner miraculously penetrates a staple on a previously examined business card. (NOTE: unlike most "bonus effects", this is NOT a throw away item! It's clever as HELL, hyper-practical and easy to do. Also includes variations with playing cards.

Gary Jones' 'BLACK MARKET' - It's how you'll be handing out your business card for years to come!